Forget Grey…Black is Badass!

Why is it whenever I go out to dinner I agonize over what to order!?! Chicken or fish? Fish or chicken? I just can’t make up my freakin’ mind!

Heaven forbid I miss out on the meal of my life! Seriously? Try meal of the moment. I’m silly.

And way too concerned with questions like…

Is it healthy enough? Will I like the flavors?

I’m really hungry, will that fill me up? Or make me feel sick?

I can usually narrow it down to two choices. But I admit…most of the time I try to get someone else I’m dining with to order the one I didn’t pick so we can split both.

Standing firm on a choice makes me crazy. Or worse…it makes me feel like I’ve become Ben Stiller (as Rueben) in Along Came Polly, secretly calculating risk in a computer program. I hate when I turn into Rueben…I’m so much more a Polly (free spirit).

But once again…Rueben attempted to get in my head while buying a new car last week. Grey or black? Grey looked classy. Black looked sporty. Grey hides dirt. Black shows everything.

Surprisingly…Polly took over right away. She won. Well I won. I made a freakin’ choice, and fast.

“Black is badass!”, I said boldly to the sales guy.

And for Pete’s sake…I can always go to the carwash.

Wow! Standing firm feels good. Making change doesn’t have to be scary…or a ridiculous process. It can be exhilarating (okay, and scary)!

I’m ready to make more choices. More changes.

I think.

Yes I am.

Starting today. I’m having the salmon.


  1. Donovan Twaddle says:

    I love it! This isn’t about the color of your car at all. It’s about taking decisive action, which is they key to success in anything. Great post, Nik!

    • Nicole Nicolay says:

      Woohoo! You totally get me! ;) I’m so kicking Rueben to the curb…because I don’t move fast enough with him on my back!

  2. Diana Nicolay-Biles says:

    I hear you! I had to learn to think of food as something my body needs to function at its peak instead of something to get pleasure from. Now they’re saying that brown rice and Albacore tuna have too much arsenic in them!! Everything in moderation! There ARE times when I go out for a special meal that I eat for enjoyment, but then I always suffer for at least 24 hours trying to work it off and out of my system…

    Good choice on the black one!!

    • Nicole Nicolay says:

      Em said last night she doesn’t care that we have to limit her tuna intake. She doesn’t care for it anyway. Now that girl is quick to make her choices! ;)

  3. Similar to my motto.. Life is short,eat dessert first. Add a little cream sauce to the Salmon:)

  4. Good choice! Like you said, that’s what carwashes are for, right?

  5. I’ve owned many cars, and most of them were black, including my current cars. To me, nothing else really looks as good. Yes they are harder to keep clean, but so what, it’s worth it.

  6. I so relate to this. The worst place to be is in the place of indecision!! Great post Nicole – love the new site!

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